Social Services Worker 2

South Central Ohio Job & Family Services

This is a Full-time position in Chillicothe, OH posted August 28, 2018.

CLASSIFICATION: 30132 – Social Services Worker 2


ONGOING: Provides ongoing protective casework and family preservation services to children and families to maintain stability in the family unit (i.e, interviews children and families; provides counseling and referrals; handles sensitive inquiries and contacts from families, clients, and general public; transports clients when needed; monitors family visitations, etc.)  Develops, reviews, revises, and implements client service plans including requirements of regulatory bodies; coordinates and cooperates with other agencies and community resources and services; conducts home management program including on-site as necessary (i.e., needs assessment of clients, teaching family life skills, specialized services as needed, etc.); provides emotional support and nurturance to clients; supervises assigned cases.  Compiles social histories and diagnostic reports for agency and courts related to provision of agency protective services; attends required court hearings.

INTAKE: Receives and investigates complaints of child abuse and neglect, dependency, or exploitation; provides diagnostic and crisis intervention services; determines need and eligibility for service and intervention; monitors home conditions. Exhibits regular & predictable attendance.  NOTE:  Regular and routine driving to make home visits in and out of county. Receives & investigates complaints & referrals (by telephone, in-person or email) regarding alleged child abuse or neglect; makes initial contact with children & families; initiates agency intake process; assists law enforcement personnel in investigation of alleged abusive situations; assesses risks during home & field visits; makes referrals to other community agencies when children are in need of other resources; cooperates with other agencies &personnel when referring cases for further services; completes documentation detailing investigations; prepares summaries upon removal of abused or neglected children; testifies in court; provides counseling & referrals; handles sensitive inquiries & contacts from families, customers, & the general public; furnishes appropriate information to other counties & agencies; responds to questions & inquiries from the community regarding child abuse/neglect situations. Consults with Prosecutor as necessary to gain legal counsel re: case matters. Maintains confidentiality as specified by federal, state or local rules & laws.


DAS MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Must have one of the following: (1) Bachelor’s degree in human services-related studies, OR (2) Bachelor’s degree in any field and have been employed for at least two years in a human services occupation OR (3) an Associates degree in human services-related studies OR (4) been employed for at least five years in a human service-related occupation.  Applicant must have a valid driver’s license.  For employment to continue, a person described in option (2), (3), or (4) above must obtain a job-related bachelor’s degree not later than five years after the date employment with the agency commences.


SCOJFS PREFERENCE: Masters in Social Work or Counseling with child welfare/family preservation experience; OR, at a minimum, BA in Social Work or Counseling with child welfare/family preservation experience.


UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS/HAZARDS: The position possesses responsibility for the safety of children by requiring the incumbent to make determinations as to whether these children are in an “imminent risk of harm.”  These children are incapable of protecting themselves from physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse.  Injuries, if they do occur are likely to involve temporary disabilities such as bruises or cuts.  Serious mistakes in terms of failing to remove children from homes could conceivably, although extremely infrequent, cause death or a permanent disability.  Additionally, the position involves performing duties which require taking some special safety precautions, such as when contacting and negotiating with a family suspected of child abuse or neglect.  However, performing this duty does not require the use of protective clothing.  Exposure to these situations is likely to result in threats of injury, which are rarely acted upon.  However, the position involves regular exposure to environmental factors (e.g., cold, excessive heat, noise, fumes, vibration, dirt) during interviews and meetings conducted outside of the office.  The position may involve lifting or carrying children, and exposure to contagious diseases.

Probationary Wage: $16.00

Post-Probationary Wage: $16.40-$22.61


South Central Ohio Job & Family Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to Apply

An extensive resume must be submitted to South Central Ohio Job & Family Services, emailed to as soon as possible but not later than 4:30 p.m. on September 4, 2018. Please indicate to which position, at which Site, you are responding. As a resume will be the sole criteria used to determine qualifications, applicants must address each of the Minimum Qualifications directly showing how each is met. Avoid assumptions and jargon. Information showing that you meet ALL of the Minimum Qualifications, as stated on this announcement, must appear on the resume to assure its approval. No additional information will be accepted after the deadline.